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Agriculture & Animal Health

Agriculture &
Animal Health Strategy

A growing population, reduced available land and water for food production and changes in population demographics, will fundamentally change how and what the world eats.

Technologies that drive crop and animal yields, analytics that allow for production optimization, and diagnose, detect, predict and treat disease will all be of paramount importance in meeting this challenge.

● Technologies eliminating food waste across the supply chain

● Harvest storage & handling systems, treatments, and technologies

● Logistics management and optimization systems

● Decision support systems driven by crop or animal-level data

● Predictive analytics that enable management intervention and productivity enhancement

● Platforms that integrate precision agriculture tools and make information accessible across the value chain

● Pre and post-harvest bacterial controls

● Rapid / portable pathogen detection

● Food preservation technologies

● Natural treatments for pest control, weed control & yield enhancement

● Technologies that reduce the use of chemicals, water or fertilizer resources

● Alternative uses for agricultural products or wastes

● Non-antibiotic antibacterial / antimicrobial compounds

● Treatments and feed ingredients that improve daily weight gain and feed conversion

● Delivery technologies that enable cost-effective treatment of animals

● Remote monitoring and sensing for livestock

● Technologies that enable veterinary engagement outside the clinic

● Platforms that can improve the standard of care or reduce the cost in caring for animals

● Data aggregation and integration platforms

● Population health concepts from human health that can improve animal and crop agriculture

● Predictive models that lead to improved management and care outcomes

● Human medicine decision support tools that can apply to veterinary care

● Animal-side & plant-side pathogen detection disrupting existing treatment paradigms

● Human focused technologies that hold potential in agriculture and animal health

● Pest and disease surveillance and management

● Technologies from human medicine that can improve herd or individual animal interventions

● Genomic and proteomic techniques with applicability to crops and animal agriculture

● Imaging technologies that can improve crop and animal management

● Telemedicine and virtual solutions to enable producers to access advisors (agronomists, veterinarians, nutritionists, etc.) in the field

● Machine learning platforms that enable aggregation of data to improve and optimize production systems

● Novel food and material production systems


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